nagaland, phek Pincode Details

The location you searched for corresponds to nagaland, phek. This area encompasses 37 pincode(s), which are essential parts of the Indian postal code system. Pincodes represent specific geographical areas for mail sorting and delivery, ensuring efficient communication and commerce.

Each pincode denotes a unique area, facilitating accurate sorting and delivery of mail and parcels. Our office is dedicated to serving this region and ensuring smooth postal operations.

For any inquiries or assistance related to postal services, courier deliveries, or other postal-related queries in this area, please feel free to contact us. Our team is committed to providing prompt and reliable assistance to meet your postal needs effectively.

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Pincode Office Name
797114 Akhegwo
797104 Chetheba
797102 Chizami
797102 Chizami Village
797104 Chozuba
797104 Dzulhami
797114 Hutsu
797108 Ketsapo
797107 Khezhakeno
797108 Khuzami
797107 Kikruma
797104 Kilomi
797114 Lephori
797108 Losami
797108 Luzaphuhu
797114 Meluri
797107 Mesolumi
797102 Middle Khomi
797108 Old Phek
797107 Pfutsero
797108 Phek
797107 Phesachuduma
797104 Phugwu
797107 Porba
797114 Pungkhuri
797104 Runguzumi
797107 Sakraba
797107 Tekhouba
797102 Thechulumi
797104 Thenizumi
797107 Thipuzumi
797104 Thvophisumi
797114 Wazhiho
797104 Yaribami
797107 Zaketsa
797107 Zavame
797107 Zhamai

Discover Indian Pin Codes:

The Pin Code, or Postal Index Number (PIN), is an essential component of India's postal network, providing unique 6-digit identifiers to post offices across the country. Introduced on August 15, 1972, the PIN system streamlines mail sorting and delivery, ensuring accurate parcel and letter distribution.

Differentiating PIN Code and ZIP Code Systems

While similar in function, India's PIN Code system and the USA's ZIP Code system have distinct characteristics. India's PIN Code consists of 6 digits, providing detailed geographic information for precise mail delivery, whereas the ZIP Code system utilizes 5 digits for a broader regional classification.

Understanding PIN Code Structure

The PIN system organizes India into 9 specific regions, with each 6-digit code holding significant meaning:

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